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Bengal Fish Stew


£6.00 as per 350g portion

BENGAL FISH STEW : going home from school and even now when I visit my parents near the vast Bay if bengal delta known for its abundant varieties of fresh and saltwater fish, there isn’t anything more refreshing, mouth watering and heart warming, than this all weather Light Fish Potato and Spinach stew. Mildly spiced with whole coriander, nigella and cumin with low fat. Pooled around a little mound of steaming Basmati rice, melt in mouth flakes of fish… Homey heaven.
290kcal stew. 397kcal stew and rice. per serving

Cod fillet, Potato, Spinach, Coriander seed, Nigella seeds, Cumin Seeds, Turmeric Garlic.

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